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Chapters Boutique Cafe

 We believe that our life is a book consisting of many exciting and memorable chapters. The life path of the people around us is so different that there will be enough events for whole collections of inspiring stories.

 It happens that people who are close in spirit meet, with common goals and aspirations, and we start writing a new book together.

 This cafe became the first for our team, and, we are sure, not the only chapter in the new book full of adventure, laughter, romance and vivid impressions.

About Us
About Us


Chapters Boutique Cafe is a stylish and modern cafe in the heart of Tallinn. The style of the cafe is ideal for meetings with friends, family gatherings, romantic and business meetings.

 Chapters Boutique Café is a place where everyone is welcome; where you can come with a cheerful company or sit and think alone. And also, books live here, the collection of which is updated continuously thanks to you – our guests. All books can be read in our cafe, enjoying dessert and a cup of coffee, and, of course, you can borrow and read at home.


 The owners of the cafe are a young married couple who, from a young age, began their career in the restaurant and hotel business, each having worked for more than ten years in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

 Having met, we began to dream that one day we would open a cafe or restaurant together, where we would invest all our knowledge, strength and love. Now we know for sure what crazy emotions it is when dreams come true.

 Our team is the soul of our cafe. We were lucky to meet people who are very close to us in spirit. People are bright, energetic, sensual, loving their work and our cafe as much as we are.

About Us
About Us


 We believe that food is, first of all, emotions, mood and the ability to achieve your goals. Sometimes even a quick snack can change the mood for the whole day and give strength to do what seemed impossible in the morning. That is why in our cafe we try to make all dishes not only high-quality and tasty but also attractive. Here you will find both a special fitness menu and a large number of weekly meals and desserts.

 We specialize in European cuisine, always adding a unique author’s twist in taste and design.

 In our cafe, you can also find a wide range of drinks. We pay special attention to our coffee, which is specially roasted for us Estonia.


 Our cafe hosts a large number of events and evenings – from live music to literary meetings. We are always happy to support new creative ideas for other creative evenings.

 We are also always happy to help you organize your private parties and celebrations. Our team will do everything to make your special day memorable for you and your guests.

About Us
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