Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday chapters


Dear Friends !!

Today our cafe is 4 years old. All 4 years we have invested all our strength, knowledge and experience to please you.

Over the years, our cafe has hosted many events – weddings, theatrical performances, live music evenings, banquets, corporate parties … in our cafe they made marriage proposals; many stories and beginnings originated in our cafe.

Despite a very difficult year, you continue to delight and support us. This is very valuable to us. We are glad to continue to work at 100% in such a difficult time for everyone. It’s not for nothing that we called our cafe “Chapters”. We write the chapters in our book ourselves every day.

One post is not enough to tell you everything that has happened over the years. Tears, joy, smiles, emotions, laughter – with us all 4 years.

Thanks to our team. Thank you very much for being with us and helping us to make our dream come true. We are honored to work with you. You will always remain a part of our book titled “Chapters Boutique Cafe”

Our team: Rushan, Zhenya, Mikaela, Rina, Galina, Julia, Tatiana, Andrey

In honor of our birthday, I would like to reveal to you a few secrets:

A new chef, Evgeny Cherdantsev, has joined our team, and we will enter the new year with a new, bright menu.

We also made new friends in our cafe.

Klara Koala is a large koala that you can always take a picture with or have coffee with her when you are feeling lonely.

We also have fairy tale characters from the book called “Three Jolly Fellows”.

Life is a fairy tale – which everyone writes to himself.

We have a kind fairy tale and full of positive emotions.

Together we will overcome and survive!

Be healthy and see you soon at Chapters Boutique Café

With love,

Andrei and Ksenia

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

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